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Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy emigrated to Canada in 2003, after over ten years of consulting in the USA and Europe primarily in the food and other packaged goods categories.

Prior to consulting, Jeremy held a number of senior marketing positions in global packaged goods companies, including Reckitt & Colman, Scottish & Newcastle and Unilever.

During his career, he has developed a deep understanding of marketing and brands, and he believes passionately that a clear understanding of consumer needs coupled with a realistic view of corporate capabilities are the foundations for successful business strategies.

Jeremy continues to enjoy helping companies develop strategies that are both practical and profitable.

In addition to managing JHA Consult, he is currently the head of strategy of the Marketing and Management Division of the Institute of Food Technologists. Jeremy studied History and Economics at St.John's College, Oxford, and has a B.A. in Modern History, and an M.A. from Oxford University.

Jeremy is married and continues to travel extensively on business and for pleasure.

To date he continues to maintain his sense of humour!

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