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All our products are designed to be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. The following areas represent a sample of our products, and are designed to show how we think, as opposed to cataloguing our full capabilities.

Strategic Planning

One of the most important responsibilities of executive leaders is to set the direction by articulating a vision and mission for the organization, establishing a viable market strategy, and creating realistic, but challenging objectives. A strategic plan is an living system that is geared toward continuously detecting changes in the outside world, deciding how to deal with them, and translating any necessary changes into initiatives that produce competitive advantage. The beneficial effects of the planning process should go on day-in and day-out. JHA Consult can help with the optimisation of an existing company or business unit as well as supporting acquisition or disposal decisions.


At JHA Consult we believe that all Marketing activity must be undertaken within a clear corporate strategic framework. Too often this is not the case. We can help in the formulation and support of Marketing strategy through to project implementation in both business to business and consumer markets. Assignments can be undertaken on a project or interim management basis.

Online Tools

We have a variety of tools that can be used on-line which makes them more cost effective and maintains confidentiality. Tools available range from assessments of corporate culture to personal profiling, and from relationship tools for any third party service or supplier to an analysis of corporate performance..

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In order to provide effective solutions for our clients, we start with an assessment of the situation. We utilise a variety of tools including structured interviews, web-based surveys, personal profiling and research. Depending on the requirement we would include the client company, its customers, its competitors and any third party agencies or suppliers.


Before Training needs can be established, we believe that there must be clarity about the resources, capabilities and processes that are needed for a company to meet its objectives. JHA Consult can support training at all levels either on a modular basis or with courses specifically designed to meet individual client needs.

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