Social media marketing has replaced marketing?

“Being a hard nose marketer does not work any more. Social media marketing has replaced marketing”

I saw this quote a few days ago. Now I’m known (by some) for my diplomacy but really this is nonsense!

What is this fixation that Social Media Marketing is the be-all and end-all of marketing? Its this sort of sloppy thinking that has led to the the denigration of marketing from a core strategic function to merely a peripheral communications role.

Social MediaSure Social Media is an important communication medium (one of many), but Marketing should be about so much more than communication!.

Marketing is a broad-based commercial function that helps companies profitably target their resources to meet the specific needs of targeted consumers.

Unilever has a nice visual which demonstrates a little what Marketing really entails. So much more than Social Media!

I am a proponent and practitioner of Social Media. I understand the value of one-to-one contact. I appreciate the power that Social Media has in many fields from political regime change all the way down to brand choice.

But, and this is a big “but” I cannot fathom why Social Media has become Marketing’s silver bullet; the answer to all our woes; the bandwagon on which we all jump.

Social Media is nothing more than another communication channel. You still need to formalise overall objectives and determine a marketing strategy. You still need to determine the role Social Media is going to play in that strategy. You need to reassure yourself that your target can be reached iby this channel. I could go on, but it is just like any other communication tool!!

My bottom line? Social Media is a developing tool that is and will continue to be a powerful communication channel. But lets not get Social Media confused with Marketing! Social Media is part of Marketing – its no more complicated than that!


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