False Perceptions

Organisational Culture: Measuring Perceptions

Understanding Organisational Culture and measuring its perception is a vital skill within a company. If Employee Perception equals their reality, shouldn’t you check it out? Jeff Thomson recently summed up organisational culture as follows: “So in a nutshell, this is the story. Success creates habits, which become organisational culture, which fixes those habits even when the world more »

lifetime value

Lifetime Value: Starbucks Case Study

This is a very powerful info graphic from KSS, which describes how lifetime value can be calculated and used in order to determine the appropriate level of customer acquisition (or retention) costs. Its a mystery to me why companies frequently but so much effort into customer acquisition and so little into retention. Apart from the actual more »

Walmart Harrods

Walmart are the new Harrods!

I was driving the other day, half listening to the radio, and half trying to avoid the (almost literally) mindless flood of pedestrians who assume that we drivers will spot them while they are watching videos or making phone calls or, may be, even blogging. Anyway the salient point is that I was listening to more »