Collective Leadership Capabilities

I came across this list of capabilities for good corporate leadership in “Global Organizational Leadership Development” written by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) back in May 2009.

CCL was discussing the collective capabilities required by organizations from their informal and formal leaders.  They state that,

“The ability of an organization to accomplish its goals does not depend solely on the force of will of a single great leader, or even upon the effectiveness ofthe organization’s chain of command. These things are important, but don’t in and of themselves help us understand why some organizations succeed where others fail……It is not simply the number or quality of individual leaders that determines organizational success, but the ability of formal and informal leaders to pull together in the support of organizational goals that ultimately makes the difference.”

They continue by listing the “collective leadership capabilities that are required of leaders when acting together, such as:

  1. Providing direction, demonstrating alignment and generating commitment as a collective leadership team
  2. Solving problems or making improvements efficiently and effectively that require collaboration across internal or external boundaries
  3. Engaging employees in decision making and to gain their active support in implementing planned cross-functional actions
  4. Jointly formulating strategies and executing them in a coordinated fashion
  5. Implementing successful innovation requiring cross-functional collaboration
  6. Adapting to change in a cohesive and coherent manner
  7. Working together to grow the business in new markets
  8. Ensuring compliance/transparency requiring a consistent set of values, beliefs and actions across the enterprise
  9. Being responsive to customers in ways that demand cross-unit coordination
  10. Developing talent on behalf of the enterprise, rather than for individual unit

Not a bad list. Anything you would add?

It all implies of course that there are clear organizational goals in the first place. I’ll get back to that in another blog maybe!!

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