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JHA creates a new UK base to better serve our European Client base

January 2015

Back in the UK

In 2003, JHA Consult moved its base of operations from the United Kingdom, to Canada. Twelve years later in response to our clients' needs we have re-established a UK base in addition to the base in Canada.

Commented Jeremy Harvey "Over the years many of our European Clients have sought to enter the North American marketplace. With the near finalisation of the bilateral trade agreement between Canada and the EU we believe that by establishing a UK base we can make the somewhat daunting prospect of entering the Canadian or US market far easier. We have spent a lot of time exploring effective and cost efficient ways to get the best of Europe into Canada and the US. It makes sense to us to establish a direct contact point in the UK."

"Entering a new market need not be overly complicated nor overly expensive. Every case is different but our broad approach can be seen here: Market Entry Strategy ."

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